Derby 2015

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Kentucky Derby 2015

Every year, on the first Saturday of May, 20 three-year-old horses run a 1 ? mile race. It’s one of the most popular sporting events in the world, coined as “The Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports.” That’s how quickly these horses cover the distance, and that’s only the first leg of a three-part race. The horse that wins all three races wins the Triple Crown, but the jockey of course gets the trophy! Jockeys are celebrated for their training of the horses, for without them, the Kentucky Derby might not be as exciting as it is…
The Kentucky Derby is a fantastic time to spend with family and friends too. Crowds of up to 10,000 people gather to watch the Kentucky Derby, and there’s always fans popping up. Why not join them and become a fan? Cheer on your favorite horse and jockey, and bring the family. A jet charter is the best way to fly to Louisville and plan a vacation, a little family getaway, and join the thousands of people at the Kentucky Derby. Air Charter Advisors can help get you there. Give us a call and contact us now for a personal reservation.
Airport Slots Louisville Kentucky Airport
During the Kentucky Derby,? local airports in Louisville are extremely congested with flyers from all over the world coming to see the race.?In order to accommodate as many flyers as possible during the event, the local airports have already started a traffic management system which will require slotted times for arrivals and departures for ALL aircraft.?Slotted arrivals and departures are a “Prior Permission” to land and depart, and the Air Traffic Control Towers are very specific about being on time.?Slots will be in place for all airports in the area. Every aircraft flying must request in advance, and receive a designated time to depart and arrive into the local airports in Louisville. These times are based on availability, not what flyers prefer.?Slots are limited and at this moment many of the desired slots are taken, however we can still arrange for great slot times.?Don’t miss the game by arranging your flight too late! If you want to book a Private Jet Charter for the Kentucky Derby, let us know ASAP otherwise you may miss out on your chance…
The Air Charter Advisors hope you enjoy the races!